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Best Lessons in Photography - Brian

Lauran Vohmann , 22 Oct 2015

Best Lessons in Photography from Brian Cassey!


Best Lessons in Photography - Alfonso

Lauran Vohmann , 01 Oct 2015

Above: Leh temple,Ladakh India. Alfonso Perez de Velasco.

This week we asked Head On Landscape Prize Winner, Alfonso Perez de Velasco what his best lesson in photography is.

Alfonso says, "There are two big lessons I have learnt from Photography. The first one is that we all have the same needs, wants and fears no matter our ethnicity credo or origin. 


RISC + Best Lessons in Photography

Lauran Vohmann , 07 Sep 2015

Based in Kabul, Afghanistan, Andrew Quilty tell us about the important work of RISC and the best lessons he's learned in photography. 



Best Lessons in Photography - Molly

Lauran Vohmann , 02 Sep 2015

Our Portrait Prize 2015 Winner, Molly Harris, is sharing her best lesson in photography! 

What is the best lesson you ever learnt about photography? 

Molly says, 

"Documentary photography has always been my passion and I have a strong interest in community, culture and marginalisation. Photography allows me to explore these issues and tell my subjects stories.


My Best Lesson In Photography

Lauran Vohmann , 10 Jul 2015

Welcome to our new feature "The Best Lesson I Learned in Photography..."  with Head On Photo Festival finalists and exhibitors.