Head On to Pingyao

Lauran Vohmann , 17 Sep 2018

Head On Photo Festival represents artists in Pingyao International Photography Festival 2018


Exhibition Spotlight - Curtain Call

stephengodfrey , 07 Jul 2017

Curtain Call

There is such a bitter sweetness about this show, on the one hand, you have the best survey of contemporary Australian photography with the walls buckling from the weight, on the other, it is the final Stills exhibition after 26 years.

While this post is meant to be an ‘exhibition-spotlight’ not a ‘gallery review’ in this case they are tied too close together that they must be treated as one.


Exhibition Spotlight - Stillness

stephengodfrey , 28 Jun 2017


I'm sitting on a peak hour bus heading into the city for the opening of stillness at gaffa. To fill in the time I plug in my headphones, listen to spotify and start flicking through instagram. Flick, flick, flick, look, tap, tap, flick, ... I'm sure you get the idea.