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Animal Lovers


Diana Bagnoli

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This work focuses on the relationship between women and animals, special friendships that bring joy in their daily life.

Nirvana has had her goose since she was 12 years old and she is the only one who can touch her and even hug her.

Chiara has been fascinated with rabbits since she was a baby. Now she has a special farm in the north of Italy with dozens of pedigree rabbits.

Aida works in a car dealership with her parrot and Monica lives with a couple of alpacas and they are very close friends.

Francesca feels very confident with her best friend's Boa and Lorena is an activist in "Animal SOS", she dedicates her life to save animals from abusive situations. Lorena is now taking care of Baby until she finds a proper home, she saved her from an intensive farming and her fate was to become a can of cat food.

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