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The Australians


Stephen Dupont

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Acclaimed Australian photographer Stephen Dupont’s images have won many prestigious prizes over the past two decades, with his work featured in major exhibitions as well as numerous libraries, museums, publications, and universities across the globe.

His ongoing photographic series – ‘The Australians’ – focuses on local artists and well-known community figures from Wollongong and its surrounds, including David Field (actor), Anthony Mundine (boxer), and Ben Quilty (artist).

Through the use of a white sheet in his beautiful 35mm black and white photographs, Dupont references the history of early portraiture, which isolated subjects and applied a detached, omnipresent view to scenes. With these works, however, Dupont permits us to see beyond the sheet edges: the expanded frame shows viewers collaborative images that are inclusive rather than exclusive, and reveal an ethos, an era, and interactions that are subjective, with meanings that are malleable, and perfectly capture Australian modernity and tradition.

Curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery and presented with Head On Photo Festival and Wollongong Central.

The Australians will be exhibited in The Gateway Building at Wollongong Central from the 5th-31st of May.

This exhibition is part of Here, There & Everywhere.



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