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Tom Williams

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Australian documentary photographer and artist Tom Williams began his career as a photojournalist, before developing an interest in the controlled interventions of the documentary process. His work has been exhibited and published in Australia, South East Asia and Latin America.

At the start of summer 2016, Williams abandoned his usual practice of projects involving accuracy and research, and began taking photographs using a very simple plastic-lens camera and a sense of spontaneity.

Spending time on the road and in his hometown of Wollongong, Williams kept his rudimentary camera on him, capturing instinctive and breathtaking photographs of people in everyday situations and locations. The resulting images have proven to be as unpredictable and beautiful as the unfolding of life itself.

Curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery and presented with Head On Photo Festival and Wollongong Central.

Dream Summer will be exhibited in The Gateway Building at Wollongong Central from the 5th-31st of May.

This exhibition is part of Here, There & Everywhere.

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