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My Daughter, My Muse


Nicole Wells

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A constant throughout my development as an artist has been the involvement of my daughter, Jennifer. These images, crafted between 2012 and 2017, reflect the synergistic nature of our relationship: mother and daughter, photographer and model, artist and muse. Our bond has been strengthened through all facets from our shared love of creativity and imagination, and we prove that together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Nicole Wells' primary interest in photography is as a form of fine art. She loves using it as a visual medium to express what she cannot say in words: a cathartic process to be able to express her thoughts, feelings and impressions of the world and the people in it. Photography has also become a way for her to create something lasting, a legacy that will hopefully still be here for future generations to enjoy. 

About the artist:

Nicole Wells resides on the Central Coast, in NSW, Australia.

During the years Nicole has been learning photography, she has won and placed in various art competitions. She has also been a finalist & semi-finalist in Head On. Her finalist image was featured in the NY Times article about the Head On Photography Prize exhibition in Brooklyn, New York. Nicole has also exhibited in Add On for the past 5 years, a group exhibition which runs in conjunction with Head On.

Nicole was featured as a contestant on the ABC for Photo Finish, where she photographed an Australian celebrity. She won the photographic section of the Gosford Art Prize in 2014 and has been a finalist twice for the Fremantle International Portrait prize. She has also sold her work both internationally and locally.

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Sun 07 May 2017, 2:30PM

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