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Nudist Nomads - No Tan Lines Here


Elise Derwin

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I am a nudist on some level. I go topless at the beach, I love skinny dipping and Darwin is so damn hot it’s easier to do the house work in the nude. Still, getting rid of all my clothing to spend the day with a group of grey nomads was daunting.

I was curious to know more about the lives of nudists. What did they do for work? Were they full or part time nudists? Were they always nudists or did they decide at a point in their lives to become nudists? Did their families know? What do you do on a nudist retreat?

Through photographic documentation I wanted to portray nudists as normal people doing regular activities while on holidays. Having BBQs, playing darts, swimming, reading, relaxing, fishing and socialising - just all in the nude.

Bruce and Julie of Brujul Nudist camp in Noonomah, in Darwin's rural area, host a retreat for fellow nudists to escape the southern winter and enjoy the sunshine and fun in the Top End.

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