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Understanding My Country


Justine Muller

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‘Understanding my Country ‘: selected documentary photographs and stories from Muller’s time travelling 'on country'  from North East Arnhem Land with the Yolngu people, to the Far West NSW with the Barkandji (River People) mob.

Muller is a multidiscipline artist working in: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and writing.  She uses photography to document her journey. Her photography is the back bone of her research and visual connection, allowing her to better understand her country and her identity as a non-indigenous Australian artist. 

Muller’s work asks us to reevaluate judgements and perceptions from afar;  to open ourselves, in a new way, to the (mostly hidden/forgotten) Australian people who are her subjects.

She works to find something beyond the historical and contemporary stereotypes, pealing them back with a lightness of touch that typifies this artist: she delivers images that are quiet and powerful: deserving of contemplation, and, revisiting. 

Muller is represented in both State and Private collections, including the Macquarie Bank Group Collection, and she has exhibited in the Art Gallery of NSW Dobell Drawing Prize 2012/2013, Portia Geach Memorial Prize 2013, SH Ervin Gallery, City of Sydney Art and About Festival 2014  St James and Martin Place Stations, the Moran Photographic Prize, Juniper Hall 2015, (the same photo was selected in Guardian Australia’s list of best and most important photos of 2015). 

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