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The Universe is Playful


Elisabeth Schön

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This place, pregnant with your presence

With all the clues you leave behind

I want to remember, before they slip my mind

And one day return to a room to find

It exactly the way I left it.

The Universe is Playful explores material and developmental impermanence, logic and absurdity, socialisation and freedom. It questions children's antics as irritations and naughtiness versus the need for control as adults.  It is an ode to the free-form learning and carefree curiosity children naturally possess. A meditation on the domestic and mundane and a celebration of play and discovery. It reminds adults of the transient nature of the accidental installations that will be cleaned up and wiped away and invites them to explore their reaction to disorder and discomfort. To compare the narrow definition of the intended function of spaces and objects with the beginner’s mind which seeks to understand all the myriad of possibilities.               

The Artist in Residency in Motherhood holds space for the roles of artist and mother to inform each other. The duality of bondage and bonding makes motherhood such a challenging theme for feminists to articulate that it is literally left behind in women's studies. Mother artists delve into what it means to be a mother, a maker, and a feminist in a context where the terms need not contradict each other. Confronting the biology of creation, birth and selfless nurturing tends to be so transformative it's hard to deny its influence on the emotional and existential self. Though our professional and private life are purported to be separate from each other, we're forced to explore its synthesis. Motherhood is a central theme in Elizabeth Schon’s work. She finds mothers tend to be marginalised in the professional world, including the art world, pushed back into the domestic sphere where there seems to be little space in the productive sphere. Under the guidance of conceptual artist Lenka Clayton, Schön was able to solidify and develop the project and the part motherhood plays in her work.

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